Let’s have a committed relationship … with git

Git is the most widely used version control system in the world. I have to use it during my work, and as it is not difficult to use (if you don’t have conflicts), I didn’t think much about it until recently. However, once I started to read more about it, I quickly realised its elegant way of dealing with versions and integrity control worth more than an article! We have probably all taken this amazing tool granted time to time, underestimating all the trouble it saves us from. So let’s realise the power and elegance of git, and let’s finally get into a committed relationship with it!

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Hello from the Virtual Machines’ World

This article explains a trick, almost like a magic trick. The aim of this trick? To deceive our computer into thinking that it is inside another computer, equipped maybe with another operating system. Why do we do that? For numerous reasons. Some of the possible reasons include: to be able to run multiple applications on one server, to be able to simultaneously run multiple operating systems on one computer, to be able to run multiple sessions of a single operating systems or just to be able to host applications that are incompatible with our host operating  system. The reasons are numerous, the solution is elegant. Let’s see then what is virtualisation and how it is achieved!

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Web Scraping


This article shows a simple program written in Python to do a basic web scraping. As an exercice, we get the titles of Youtube videos and the number of views, then we store these information in a Pandas DataFrame.

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